Broken low point drain fitting

HELP! I cracked the low point drain plug. I think I can just get a pex replacement but I wanted to know what is the correct solution. Has anyone gotten a valve rather then the stupid cap? NO IT DID NOT FREEZE!

Hey @JWELLS you can buy the caps. I think the low point drain cap is 3/8" NPT.

Otherwise I would consider a valve but keep in mind any bumping can dislodge it. I would make sure you don’t use a “Sharp Bite” brass one but rather a fully plastic type. You just need to cut the pipe with a sharp knife and then you can slip a 1/4 shutoff on the pex pipe.

Good luck!

I will echo previous comments, that I have seen 1/2" PVC pex shutoff’s that simply slip on like a shark bite valve. I would suggest you look at Home Depot or Lowes for a replacement valve. It is cheeper then the cap for the drain.

I ended up cutting the pipe just above the old fitting and getting a plastic shutoff from Lowes!

Thanks for the help everyone!