Blue streak install

Yesterday I installed the Bluestreak System on both toilets in our 2019 Momentum 351m. This system is tied into the vacuum break on the back of your toilet bowl. With every flush it dispenses a perfect amount of treatment into the black tank. I used this system for a few years in my previous 5th wheel and it is amazing. I never had any issues with it and the chemical last a long way. No more pouring treatment into your black water tank. Now I just need to worry about the grey treatment which isn’t that often.
Check out the attached video.

I seriously have never even heard of such a thing. Do you have to completely remove the toilet to get access or just removing one bolt to get access to the internal plumbing?

The vacuum break which you need to plumb the system to is on the back of the toilet. With my last 5er I had the Dometic toilet and it was easy to access because the back of the toilet wasn’t so close to the wall so no need to even mess with moving the toilet. With the thetford toilet for some reason the bowl sits almost against the wall. If you losen the nut on both sides you may be able to spin the bowl and access the vacuum break. If you have to remove the toilet leave the nut connected to the bolts enough so when you lift the bowl up you don’t lose the bolt down the hole and into the tank. It is real simple to do. If you have a dometic toilet there is another YouTube video on that installation which is simple as well. It is a great system.

I should have also told you before removing the vacuum break make sure you are disconnected from city water or make sure your water pump is off. Also open your cold low point drain to get the water or most of it out and flush the bowl to clear whatever water is in the vacuum break. Just have a towel handy because you will get a little water coming out when disconnecting the water line to the toilet and from the vacuum break, maybe a 1/4 cup if that.

This is kind of a interesting project. Wondering if you could just mix in the chemicals for the Geo Method and have this dispense those each flush? That may be a great way to dose your tank. I guess it would have to be fairly concentrated since it seems you get a number of tanks out of a single fill.

If you have time you should post some pictures from your install.

Trichmond I don’t think it would work mixing ingredients used for the Geo method as you said this dispenses a small amount through many flushes.
I will post pictures of the install tonight when I get home from the “W” word.