Best RV accessories in 2019

It is time that we made a post with the best accessories for your RV. I envision this being a fluid post where we can as a community provide the best accessories so new GD owners don’t have to waste their money and get the best stuff out of the gate.

Best sewer hose:

Best water line:

Best levelers:

Best battery:

Best inverter

Best surge protector

Best fire pit

Best grill

Best TT WDH hitch

Best 5th wheel

Best outdoor carpet

Best generator

I welcome all comments in this thread!! We will debate and include the best of here

Throwing out the first one! Water hose, by far the best I have used is the Zero G hose. Lightweight, great fittings, seems durable. Way better then cheep flexible hoses and it’s not impossible to coil and store.

Those Apex hoses are great, how about X-Chocks? They add stabilization to the trailer, tighten down and really hold the wheels. I think for chocks they are the best.

My vote…

Battle Born Lithium

Best TT WDH hitch:
Blue Ox Sway Pro

Best generator
Honda EU2200

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