Best levelers for my travel trailer

Really excited to have a alternative Grand Design owners forum, especially that ahem does not force you to :moneybag:

Going into 2019 season I need to get better levelers then the cheep Camco Leveling blocks that I have now. The Lego style ones, I have found to be a giant PITA on soft and uneven ground. They don’t stay together and if the ground is soft will sag.

Let’s hear what other Grand Design owners do!

I don’t think you can go wrong with Anderson levelers. Well known brand and they work really well. If you set them up right they also help with some rocking because of the design. The Anderson’s are solid so you won’t find them flexing on soft ground.


I am not a big fan of those Lego blocks myself. Camco released their own version of the Anderson’s but it fixes one issue with the Anderson’s which is they are impossible to get up on when on wet ground. Because they are smooth, they just push along the ground.

:point_up_2: Could’t agree more! :+1:

Just don’t roll off them, its a pretty big fall. I am sure you could hurt the axle.

Maybe I am doing something wrong but I have never been able to use my Anderson levelers. Every time I use them one usually ends up sliding while the other remains stationary. I read online grip tape on the bottom will help but I have not had success with that either. I may cut some grooves in the bottom with my circular saw and see if I can get them to work but I wouldn’t recommend buying them.

The only time I have had a issue is if the ground is wet. We shove ours under the front of the tires. Then pull up on them going forward. I have used them on grass, gravel, asphalt so far they are great.

I heard of people having some issues. I wonder if that is possibly because they are not getting them under the tire before trying to roll up.

Hopefully we can help you.

X2 on the Andersen Levelers. I used them on my last fifth wheel and they work great.

@FundsRLow I also like these to go along with the levelers to boost the jack up.

Yes those are also good. Anything to keep you for extended the jacks help tremendously.