Battery disconnect switch, new product from Blue Sea

I have been looking for a battery disconnect switch at the terminal so I have no parasitic draw. I just wanted to share this brand new product I found from Blue Sea terminal stud mount switch.

Just thought I would share with the Nation


I picked up one of the Blue Sea Remote Battery Switch ML-RBS 7700. I was trying to find a switch that would allow more then 300a for my inverter but also could be setup remote so I could use it like the existing battery disconnect in the front compartment. I also wanted it to be locking, latching type. This means the switch is not drawing power when put in the powered position.

The neat thing I found is that disconnect switch in the picture almost fits into the existing GD control panel. The only reason I did not mount it there is that I could not snake the wire from the control panel to a spot I could get to it. Otherwise that would have been a wicked mod.

I thought I was the smartest guy in the room! I picked up this same unit because we have our lithium batteries inside our coach. I get that it is expensive but it is pretty slick, just ran some wire to the front compartment and stuck the switch there. If I need to it has a manual override on the top at the battery.

That top post one @TheBowlers showed is going to be good for a ton of folks though. That will prevent the parasitic drain that most people have. You can still hook up a small solar trickle charger on the stud.

@TheBowlers good find! I think this perfect for those who store their TT and don’t remove the battery leads. For those searching in the future, remember some items bypass the battery cutoff outside, like the propane detector.