Are you satisfied with your Grand Design RV? (poll)

Ok Nation lets get a poll going. Are you happy with your Grand Design RV? This is NOT are you happy with your dealer or wishing you had a better rig, this is strictly do you feel like we have a good product or not.

  • I could’t be happier!
  • Its good
  • Meh
  • Argh
  • Hunk of junk

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We love GD but have had some factory issues that were a result of Lippert #GDRV4Life

Biased, we are all here because we love GD!

Could we make this a sticky?

Sure!, I have pinned this for the next six months.

I will say that mostly Grand Design has been a pleasure working with. We chose GD because we wanted a high quality RV but most RV manufactures have horrible service ratings. We like all new customers had a few issues with some minor things like drawers not latching shut. The only issue I have is the Service team at GD don’t communicate with you in a timely manner. All they have to do is give you a brief update, but it seems like they always have to wait till they have all the facts which takes weeks in my experience. Just tell us what you are thinking and what the next steps are. Check in every few days and let us know the progress.

Other then that our TT is excellent and would recommend GD to anyone! :+1:

I think this forum is going to be biased and I have heard some horror stories with Grand Design but they generally take care of the customer in the end. I would buy again for sure!

We just purchased a 337RLS this past summer. Best camper we’ve ever had. Absolutely love it