Anyone with 5th wheel Tripod and King Pin Jack Stabilizer?

I feel like we still get a bit of shake in our 5er, especially in the front. I was wondering what brand and type of tripod stabilizer do ya’all use? I was considering one of these

Would another system work better such as the other stabilizer bars the sell?

Hey @daveM, we always setup a king pin jack stabilizer like this one from Camping World. They make all the difference in the world, however you will notice that if you are on uneven ground they can be hard to setup. The stabilizer won’t fit into the king pin correctly depending on design.

I use a stabilizer system that attaches to the hydraulic stabilizers. It’s similar to the JT Strongarm, but can’t recall the name brand. The key is it works great and takes up no storage space as it’s always attached. Helps with side to side and front to back movement. Installed myself in a couple of hours.

We have one but on the shorter trips which we take I don’t even set it up anymore. Only set it up when we temporarily lived full time in it. To tell you the truth did not notice much difference overall with it on or not.