Any thoughts on a portable fire pit?

Starting my wish list for the summer. What do people use for portable fire pit in their coaches? I have seem these before but I don’t know the quality. The size also bothers me as I would rather have it fit in the storage compartment in the trailer.

What do you guys use?

This bad boy was on Reddit the other day. It is a folding firepit that you can add a heatshield. The pricing is a bit better if you go directly to their website but here is a link for reviews. I want to be clear that I have NOT purchased this product. just after reading about it, I wanted to learn more. Here is what I found:

What is neat is they have these extra side pieces that allow you to put on a folding grate and cook over the fire. For many people this is a attractive solution.

From my research this was a Kickstarter product that came for fruition.

Check out this video for a demo of the unit.

My single concern is how long does the mesh last. They claimed somewhere 50-100 fires but that is yet to be seen with such a new product. If it holds up that long I think it beats any of the steel fire puts which in my experience are so thing you can burn though them.

This looks really cool, it reminds me of the big boy version of the folding camping stoves like this

The Fireside Outdoor firepit that @Youngs74 suggested is a steal. I literally just added it to my Amazon cart. I am so sick of those steel ones I was getting from Home Depot. My biggest complaint is the room it takes up in the bed of the truck just to have a fire.

I won’t be able to use it for a few months but I will report back how it works!

I found this one searching, its may not be as portable as the one suggested, it does look really interesting. I like that it is 304 stainless steel and not some inferior stainless that will rust, 304 is the real deal and will last. I am trying to figure out where I would put it while traveling, if it would be better in the basement or in the back of the truck.

We bought one of the Solo Bonfires. It works great. The smoke really does rise above us so we don’t smell like smoke when we go inside. The fire burns really efficient with barely anything left over to clean up afterwards.

It is a little big but we keep it towards the middle of the basement and store the other fire making stuff in it, like the starter wood, and other items that need to be contained so they don’t roll around like extra propane canisters for our grill, etc.

Would we buy again? Yes!