Another Tire Question

I will be picking up a 2019 Momentum 351m 5er’ probably next week. The UVW is roughly 13,600lbs and the GVWR is about 16,800lbs. Out of the gate I am upgrading the west lake tires and I am considering Goodyear Endurance tires. I just learned that they are “E” rated tires which is only 10 ply. I was hoping on “G” rated tires and wondering what folks are running with? The size I would need are 235/80R/16. I know Goodyear makes the G614 “G”rated tires but they are $360 a tire. Would the GY Endurance tires be fine with my specs? I also do use TPMS.

First congratulations on the new 5er! :clap:

The G614 I have heard of 5er using before but its a LT tire. Just looking it up, are you concerned that Westlake’s are 3,520lbs tire vs the Goodyear Endurance’s 3,420lbs tire? You could upgrade to the ST235/85R16 rated at 3,638 lbs. What I like about the Goodyear’s is they are all speed rated N (87) because you know some folks are not always under 75mph. :smirk:

In regards to the LT vs ST tire debate, I land on ST’s. From everything I know about the construction ply’s don’t necessarily mean a better tire. The banding and extra sidewall reinforcement of a ST tire is important to me. I feel on the other side of the debate back when there were no American made tires and Maxxis was about as good as it got. Today I land on Goodyear Endurances, been out for a bit, people love them so far from what I can tell.

If I were going to spend the money I would get some Centramatic wheel balancers. I firmly believe in balancing the trailer tire, it will make them run cooler and in theory last longer. See my post here:

I show the Goodyear Endurance ST235/80R16 E rated is $156.99 on Tire Rack.

Thanks for your responses. I did see that the G614 are a LT tire. I’m 99.9% going with the GY Endurance tires.

Why are you guys replacing what must be fairly new tires?

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A majority of tires manufacturers put on aren’t very good and most are garbage. It doesn’t go to say that catastrophe won’t happen by buying Goodyear tires but piece of mind is definitely there. I currently own a fifth wheel with Triangle tires and have been running them for two years without any problems. I maintain them, check them over constantly for signs of damage, use TPMS and have a light weight 5th wheel (7300lbs). Personally it’s an added piece of mind for me along with a better quality tire under a more expensive 5th wheel that I currently have.

I will throw out my goto tire use to be the Maxxis. They have a E rated 235/80R16 has max lbs load of 3420. The ST tires are made in Thailand but it was better than some of the cheap Chinese tires.

I will be happy to put my money where my mouth is and buy a American made product even if it costs more. I don’t want to knock all imported goods but sometimes it’s worth spending a few dollars more for piece of mind.

Echoing @GDowner, I just bought my new Imagine Travel Trailer yesterday. Are the Westlakes so bad as to have some people replace them immediately?

Plenty of Rver’s run their Westlake tires or othe brands with no issues. I’m sure one can get many miles with their Westlakes ( I have with other China Bombs)but they aren’t the greatest tires. Check the born on date, age is an enemy. Proper inflation is important, proper weight load, letting the wheels sit on some surfaces (grass, dirt) aren’t good for the rubber and watch speed. Although I don’t but some like to do 70-75 mph because the white signs on the road say you can but remember not all tires are rated to do that speed. There are many reasons why people switch out tires to a different brand but the reasons stated goes for all brands. For me, it’s piece of mind. A good thing to use is TPMS.

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:point_up_2: This is all very sound advice if you keep the manufactures tires. Especially the speed issue, tires are not rated to do 80mph down the highway folks!

I personally say, get a year out the Westlake’s. If you have the money, I would upgrade to Goodyears but if you keep them inflated properly, you have a TPMS, each time you stop, walk back and touch the tire and feel how hot they are getting. Basically if you baby them you can get the good out of the tires and replace them next season.

I agree with you sir.