AC on generator, hard start, soft start what’s best?

As the title says. How can I run my AC on a small quiet generator type? I have a 2000 watt generator and it won’t always start the AC. I don’t know why?

I run a 15Btu AC off a single Honda 2200 (previously 2000). Literally the single best products I have ever purchased in my life is by Micro Air’s EasyStart. I installed it two years ago after even with two Honda EU2000’s in parallel, I found the units surging on Eco mode. It was driving me nuts and I needed to do something else, so after reading review from Gone with the Wynns it made me a believer.

So I happened to be in Delaware and drove up to the Micro Air offices in Southern New Jersey and pickup one. The kit was a little rough to install the first time but that is because they installation kit could have been simplified with spayed connectors. I have seen the team from Micro Air at a RV show and they indicated that was feedback that heard before and now it comes with a spayed connector. What this means for the average installation is it is easy to install and makes it very easy to remove for warranty or if you trade in your trailer.

This is such a good product that I would not waste your time with anything else. I have done the hard start capacitor, they virtually don’t do anything. You will literally notice the difference the very first time you use it. Now I run my entire trailer on a single Honda EU2200 in eco mode. Literally I have saved more gas then the cost of the EasyStart.

Yes the EasyStart will allow you to start your AC while on a inverter without any issue at all. I have done it many, many times since I have installed it.

I am totally interested, seems to get unreal reviews. So what exactly does thing do? It lowers the wattage so it can run on the generator?

From what I can tell it seems to rather then send a large amount of power to the compressor, it slowly ramps up how much power is delivered. This gets the compressor rotor started without the initial ooomph.

The only (poor one) analogy I can think of is you want to get a merry-go-round. If you wanted to spin it so fast that you wanted people to be flung off, you would need to start slow with one person and build up speed. If you got a bunch of people you may be able to spin it faster but at the cost of more people to do the same job.

Overally simplified the people are watts and the traditional starting method required more watts (aka people) to do the same job a less watts (one person) could do. The EasyAir just allows you to start it with that one person which was impossible before.

I have one also, it is a fantastic product. It should been included by the AC manufactures directly at the factory. Even on limited shore power, we have tripped breakers and the Easy Start made all the difference. :+1:

I thought that I would share this video I found of Micro-Air EasyStart to show people what I have been talking about. You can actually see how staggering the startup and some of the other tricks, helps reduce the initial amp draw which allows you to run your AC from a small inverter generator.