2970RL replacing 2950RL?

Is Grand Design moving away from the 2950RL for the 2970RL? It seems to me that once a trailer goes into deler only stock it’s on its way out? I appreciate the new shower but I like the 2950’s extra door to the bathroom vs the closet.

The only way you could sell me on the 2970 would be a washer dryer hookup.

The bigger shower is nice, thouse rounded showers can be a bit small. I like the closet in the 2970 though, doubt it will fit a washer.


That makes sense, it almost like the Imagine and Reflection lines are blurred with them sharing similar layout. I do like the Imagine interior better then the Reflection.

Hello, the Reflection line has better insulation and some other features that make it a higher end model.

I would like to see a 2018 Reflection in person to see what it looks like with the new exterior.


I like the extra door to the bathroom as well. My husband always hits my feet when I’m sleeping if he tries to walk around the edge of the bed in the night. :slight_smile:

Extra closet space would be nice though. I’d have to see it in person.

I was looking at the Grand Design website and if you use the parts lookup, it seems that they don’t currently list a 2950RL. I assume it may be done with.

I just noticed something interesting. Looks how the 29’ Reflection and 29’ Imagine have almost identical layouts. I wonder if the change is pending to bring more commonality in the product lines and reduce cost.

Imagine 2970RL

Reflection 150 Series 295RL