2021 Momentum 28G Issues

Well I got my new 2021 28G home, it’s beautiful. Now for the questions

  1. 75 gallons of water splashed out of the overflow tubes on the way home 500 miles. I filled up again at home and drove 15 miles to the truck scale to get some weights and same thing 1/3 tank left. Have i done something wrong, I have video of the water coming out the overflows the whole way?

I don’t even begin to know how to address this, but I am NOT surprised. At all. This happens on my little 18RBE Imagine as well. Perhaps there is a way to plug the overflow holes while in transit. Its something I am going to be looking at when home again next month

I installed pex valves on the end of the overflow tube to close when in transit only.

I’ve been beating that drum for a couple months on the 25G. If you cap the vents be careful. If you forget and go take a long shower it will collapse the tank. GD says don’t do it. GD will tell you, you are overfilling the tank. Stop the fill as soon as the full light comes on. For me that happens at 85 gallons. GD is aware of this and has been for a long time. Supposedly, they are working on a solution.