2019 Momentum G Class 25G prebuyer questions

I have been lurking over at granddesignowners.com forum but I find it very strange that you have to pay to get access to everything. Glad to find this new grand design owners forum that is free to share in discussion. You may be small but hopefully growing!

Recently retired and want to purchase a toy hauler. We have heard nothing but amazing feedback and reviews from owners and dealers! This really has to be a amazing company to have so much positive feedback.

I have a few questions about the G Class and specifically the 25G:

  1. What is the cargo weight that is allowed in the garage? I assume the ramp can hold the same weight?

  2. For anyone with a toy hauler or G Class how is the fuel smell? Does it cause the entire camper to smell?

  3. What would it be like if the grand kids want to stay on the rear sofa for a weekend? Is it usable, do we need a topper?

  4. Can you setup the ramp as deck?

  5. RV shows, should we be purchasing now? What is the normal discount?

We are really excited to become part of the Grand Design family #GDRV4Life

  1. I honestly don’t know, possibly ask the dealer but I have to assume 4-6k lbs.
  2. From the people’s trailers I have been in it can. Don’t store fuel inside! Don’t drive a hot toy back in the garage, always let it cool outside first.
  3. Our friends that have a toy hauler take friends w/kids and they seem to love the garage. No topper necessary.
  4. Again, our friends do.
  5. 30-40% is about the max you can get off, shoot for about 35%. Shows are fine but they are not necessarily the best price. Keep in mind the busy season for RV dealers start in January.

We own a 21g

  1. We haul a Can Am Commander. 10 ft long and 1200 lbs. Suprising amount of room. One of my questions was how do you get out of utv after loading. It goes in at an angle so plenty of room on drivers side. Not so much on the other.
  2. We have stored the can am inside for a month now and no smells.
  3. I do not believe any one could sleep on the rear bed without a topper at minimum. It is only 3" of very cheap foam. I further do not think an adult could sleep on sofas. I can hardly sit on them. Headrests look cooler than they feel.
    1/2 ton towable could be questioned. The toy hauler height catches wind for sure.
    I am trying to give you real feedback. We do LOVE our 21G.