2019 Imagine 2150RB

We are digging the new decals and LED lights around!

Haven’t taken it home yet? :heart_eyes:

Looks Fantastic! I as well love the horizontal decals (and picked up mine yesterday as well!)

@milesandmiles where is your delivery post?! Congrats!

@DrPepper12oz welcome to the the Grand Design RV family! :clap:

Imagine are awesome, welcome to the Grand Design family! :clap:

We picked our new Imagine and will be taking it out for its maiden voyage in 3 weeks. Can’t wait! Hopefully weather will cooperate. I have been camping for over 20 years and this unit is one of the best constructed campers I’ve owned.

@Gopher111 upload a delivery photo!

Congratulations on your new GD.


Here is the new camper at Gettysburg Farm RV Resort. Great 1st run