2019 Grand Design Momentum's to feature OneControl ConnectAnywhere

Lippert Components, Inc. (LCI®) announces that Grand Design’s 2019 Momentum units will come standard with OneControl® ConnectAnywhere™ cellular technology. The 2019 Momentum OneControl units will be on display at the 2018 Elkhart RV Open House, September 24-27.

OneControl ConnectAnywhere gives the RV owner an even more powerful option for wireless control of their coach’s features. “ConnectAnywhere offers the user remote access to many of their RV’s functions from their mobile device, virtually anywhere that they have a cellular signal. This is an improvement over the standard OneControl system that we introduced several years ago that only allows the user to control and monitor many RV functions within a 100-foot range of their coach,” stated Andy Murray, LCI’s Chief Sales Officer. “With ConnectAnywhere, owners have the ability to control and monitor various functions including holding tanks, HVAC systems, generators, water heaters, and lighting from virtually anywhere in the world they have a cellular signal, as long as the RV’s OneControl system is powered up.”

Nation’s Take

This is long overdue to add the IoT (Internet of Things) however I don’t like proprietary systems, more specifically the cellular connections needed such as ConnectAnywhere. We have seen Airstream recently launch a system and the yearly cost is quite high, considering you can’t use the connection as a hotspot. The ConnectAnywhere needs a plan from AT&T or T-Mobile but only supports a few LTE bands (2, 4 & 12). This means if you are not near a cell tower the remote connection options are useless. As with any technology that moves quickly such as cellular, I would like to have seen this part more modular and easily upgraded when 5G technology rolls out.

Lovely another device that will be proprietary and I need to pay for data on. Why can’t we get a single system that will tether to my phone or something. I don’t want to pay for a separate internet connection for every device and vehicle I own.