2 Parents, 1 kid and a dog want to go camping!

“The Nation”

New user here, stumbled on your Grand Design discussion forum and need some help as we are shopping. We have been looking for a brand new camper for 2019 season! From all my research the Grand Design RV folks are truly known both online and by sales people to be one of the best, even years after the take over by Winnebago. We don’t want a bunk bed unit, the convertible dinette will work fine for our daughter for now.

What my wife and I fell in love with is the rear bathrooms on the Imagine line. What we are confused about is the differences between a Imagine and Imagine XLS. We have two different units that are very close to one another, the Imagine 2150RB and Imagine XLS 22RBE.

As you can see the weight is almost identical between the two units, both overall and hitch weight. Are they constructed differently, is one “better” then the other?

We are getting ready to head to a RV show in the next couple of weeks. I read mixed reviewed on buying from a show, seems many people find the best prices other do better a a dealer? If you buy at a RV show, is it something the dealer has instock? What do you do for financing, how much down, obviously we know rate but specific lends better to look at for a camper then others? What advice can I get on insurance on the new camper?

Of the two you suggested the 22RBE looks like the best. I like how they entery works, the other when you come in the door you are staring at a person on the couch.