12 Volt Outlet?

Do GD trailers typically come with a 12 V outlet in the unit? I am looking to charge some small electronics when off shore power with an inverter, but would rather not do so in my TV in the 12V plug in there. Are they usually located somewhere in particular that I am missing?

Unit is a 2019 Grand Design Imagine 3170BH.

I have never seen a 12v outlet other then a USB outlet which obviously you don’t want to use for a inverter. What are you trying to run, any inverter worth anything will need to be wired directly to the 12v system.

The other issue with a hard wired inverter is the run from the battery all the way to the front has quite a voltage loss. You may be better served tapping the wiring near the wet bay and mounting a small inverter in that area. Then wire a dedicated outlet or two off that inverter. This way those outlets are always hot and you could had some USB ports. This is a pretty good post on that:

I’m looking to charge primarily my laptop and jetpack (for remote work.) It would just be at night (I’ll be using it during the day.)

Do the USB outlets on Imagine run on DC? If so, I can charge phones/tablets on that.

I’m in a time crunch and am not sure I am ready for a full solar install or other hard-wired work, since this trip will be our first time out west, and camping without electricity. So is we end up loving it and want to do more of that, I’ll probably do a full controller/solar install.

So just looking for a stopgap measure to charge my laptop and jetpack.

I have a ST369 unit. I have (2) 12V outlets under the cabinets by the light switches. There is also AC outlets.

I confirmed with the Service Department at my dealer that there is not a 12V plug in my new Imagine, which was pretty surprising!

Less and less 12v plugs in all the manufactures these days. They are moving away from it as less and less 12v specific electronics are being produced. I believe this is due to the auto manufacturers removing 12v cigarette lighters in vehicles and thus the market is dying.

It does seem like more have USB outlets onboard which should help in many cases. You may be able to use this adapter if you are in a pinch